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My Story

At the times in my life that I have identified I was in an abusive scenario I would always speak out about it to others. I would often have support from those around me to make big changes, be more assertive, or leave the relationship. I would practice yoga and be in nature steadily as I made these transitions out of the relationships. I would bring my pain to the dance floor and feel it with my whole heart. I stayed consistent in standing up for myself in every toxic relationship and would use appropriate professional and legal channels to protect myself. I continually cultivate my confidence and thereby my ability to recognize when I am being mistreated. I practice forgiveness on a spectrum and have a created an ability to identify my emotions and share them. I keep a community of strong women around me and guard my gifts and energy from toxic people. 


The first step is recognizing that when I am massively confused in a relationship, that is a sign there isn’t a flow. I begin to eliminate my energy from the relationship and record and track all of their behaviors. When necessary I go to the appropriate channels. Without causing too much disturbance I guard and protect my self as I part ways with the scenario. I do not give any energy to the abusers and have learned to diffuse the anger and negative energy with movement practices. My biggest lesson learned is not going back to the abusive relationship. By dedicating significant time and energy to vision boards, mantras and playfulness, I keep my life vibrant and lighthearted in spite of these relationship temptations. I reset my boundaries and baselines regularly, and use mantras to magnetize healthy and strong relationships.

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